VIDEO: Mac Miller Interview In Toronto w/ Walder


Walder catches up with Mac Miller out in Toronto for a one-on-one candid interview backstage at Sound Academy.  Miller opened things up with his signature playful attitude and expressed his joy with the multicultural diversity in the city.  Mac also clarifies to viewers that he was holding a blowup doll on his cover for his new Delusional Thomas mixtape, his love for writing from other people’s perspective and explains that he has additional alter-egos he’ll eventually introduce to fans.  The rapper took the opportunity to touch on an upcoming mini-documentary entitled, Hi, How Are You, that he will be executive producing which is based on songwriter Daniel Johnson, filming Scary Movie 5 with Snoop Dogg, Watching Movies With The Sound Off and so much more.

VIDEO: YG Talks Young Jeezy, DJ Mustard & ‘My Krazy Life’ In Philly


HipHopSince1987′s E-Money catches up with YG backstage at a recent performance in Philadelphia for a short Q&A session.  Check out the Compton native break down for the camera how he was able to link up with Def Jam label mate Young Jeezy and subsequently become a part of CTE.  The rapper also briefly addresses his relationship with beatsmith, DJ Mustard, and reveals fans can look forward to some top notch production from him on his upcoming album, My Krazy Life.  E-Money also attempts to get some updated information from YG on his potential collaborative mixtape with Nipsey Hussle but the rapper decides to downplay the question and leave viewers in suspense.

VIDEO: J. Cole, Wale & 2 Chainz Backstage at “What Dreams May Come” Tour


JAY Z’s Life+ Times delivers a new video today with a behind-the-scenes conversation between J. Cole, Wale and 2 Chainz backstage at the “What Dreams May Come” tour.  In the clip above, watch as Wale and 2 Chainz share a story of how they became good friends after riding around together with Quarterback Jacory Harris.  Wale also breaks down the details of how he landed a deal with Maybach Music Group general Rick Ross.

VIDEO: Juicy J – Trippy Tour | Pt. 7

Juicy J and company share some behind the scenes and special moments caught on the road that compile the last stretch of the Stay Trippy Tour.  In part seven, the finale showcases Juicy busy in the studio working on new music, making a visit to The Source magazine in New York for an interview, performing at multiple venues including one in Ohio with rapper Machine Gun Kelly, almost running into a tornado with his tour bus, smoking plenty of weed and of course managing to live the trippy lifestyle every step of the way.

VIDEO: Ray J & Bad Azz Fight At West Coast Fest Backstage

So last night I was in the mix over at the West Coast Fest show at Club Nokia covering the event with Skee TV and I guess at some point backstage Ray J (who was with Tierra Marie) and rapper Bad Azz got into a fight.  I met the lady who initially in the footage is arguing with the Ray J and she stated she manages or is affiliated with rapper Stalley from MMG.  However, from what I understand the beef between Ray J and Bad Azz goes back further from when Bad Azz had to let Ray J know he wasn’t allowed on Snoop Dogg’s bus because at that time Snoop was distancing himself from known associates of Suge Knight.  There was also a situation in the past that sparked bad blood when Ray J supposedly had a heated argument with Suge’s niece from what I understand.

Take a listen to Bad Azz’s side of the story as he called Power 105’s Breakfast Club to clarify details.

VIDEO: Skee TV Exclusive – Just Blaze & Elliott Wilson Shoot The Shit at SXSW

Elliott Wilson caught up with Just Blaze backstage at Converse’s FADER Fort during SXSW. Skee TV cameras were rolling as Elliott shared his fondness and respect for the super producer. The two friends also shared laughs as they looked back on a funny story about Just Blaze being the DJ for Elliott’s wedding. Sidebar: edited by yours truly.

VIDEO: Rick Ross & Gunplay scuffle backstage at BET Hip Hop Awards with Young Jeezy & G-Unit

You can’t really see clearly what exactly is going on here but just at the beginning of the video you can see a visibly upset Rick Ross looking like he’s ready to go.  Ross can be seen just before he goes out of focus taking off his chain like he wants to fight….with numerous police already trying to tone the situation down in the hallway.  If you look close you can see DJ Drama in the back as well with a concerned look on his face.  Once Rick Ross passes him DJ Drama continues down the hall and books it to go do his radio show before being shouted out by the camera guy.

It’s sad that in the aftermath a perfectly good mirror was destroyed for apparently no good reason.  Somebody is looking at some possible bad luck I suppose.  Here is DJ Drama’s most current response on the matter he shared with Hip Hop DX.

Here is the video footage of DJ Drama speaking on the confrontation he witnessed after leaving the venue to go host his radio show.