VIDEO: Nicki Mianj Shows Off New Pink Lamborghini


Nicki kicked off her new Kmart fashion line by showing up in a brand new pink Lamborghini Aventador.  Watch as paparazzi quickly surrounds the YMCMB artist and competes for her attention in the hopes of snapping the perfect photograph.  Still, Nicki keeps a positive attitude and plays along with the photogs before getting into her new luxury vehicle.

VIDEO: Kanye West Explains Why He Attacked Paparazzi Outside Of LAX


TMZ cameras recently caught up with Kanye West at a gas station and allowed the Chicago native to break down exactly what happened with him the day he got into a physical altercation with a photog outside of LAX.  West explains the same day the incident occurred he had received notice the same day that his grandfather who was sick at the time was going to pass away.  The G.O.O.D. Music head honcho also touches on his family, his daughter and tells cameras that he can’t imagine his daughter having to grow up and hear the types of things paparazzi routinely scream at him to try and spark a situation.

VIDEO: Jim Jones Manages To Avoid Jail


TMZ catches up with rapper and part-time VH1 reality star Jim Jones while leaving court after being taken into custody for allegedly speeding while high.  Remaining hush hush on the details surrounding his arrest, the Dipset artist appeared to be in good spirits and even found the time to make a joke about the Government’s recent shutdown before taking off to enjoy the rest of his evening.  Must be nice.

Mack Maine Turns Himself In & Goes To Jail


YMCMB President Mack Maine has officially turned himself over to authorizes at the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office early this morning according to TMZ.  Maine is facing a felony charge after allegedly assaulting two women on Lil Wayne’s tour bus following a show on the “America’s Most Wanted” tour.  TMZ reports, “Mack was booked in Oklahoma City for aggravated assault and battery with great bodily injury — in connection with an alleged incident that went down on August 22.”

Rachel Reed and Cailey Maddox are the names of the two women who were involved during the alleged incident.  According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the women were invited onto the tour bus where Maine decided to grope Reed and punch Maddox which sent the woman to the ground and broke her jaw.

Today, Mack Maine finds himself in custody and his bond is currently set at $9,000.


NEWS: Mack Maine Charged w/ Sexual Battery


According to TMZ, rapper and YMCMB President Mack Maine has officially been charged with two felony charges in Oklahoma.  Maine’s unfortunate luck comes about after police say he sexually assaulted a female fan and punched another in the face on his tour bus.  TMZ also claims they have court documents in their possession that state Maine invited both females back to his tour bus last month where he decided to grab one woman’s breast without her permission and after both attempted to leave he trapped them by holding the door shut.  After one of the women was able to free the door and exit, Maine allegedly punched her in the face and subsequently broker her jaw and knocked her down the stairs of the tour bus.

NEWS: Kanye West Charged In Alleged Scuffle w/ Paparazzi At LAX

Kanye West Tussles With A Photographer At LAX

Well it looks like Kanye West’s recent run in with a paparazzo on July 19 at LAX may land the G.O.O.D. Music front man behind bars for up to a year.  Ye officially has been charged with misdemeanors for criminal battery and attempted grand theft.  Following the alleged attacking, the photog was taken to the hospital and eventually filed a lawsuit due to the apparent injuries he sustained.  Mr. West could potentially have to pay a $2,000 fine if convicted.  Kanye’s arraignment is scheduled for October 10.

VIDEO: Kendrick Lamar Tells Rappers Who Responded To His “Control” Verse To Try Harder


TMZ caught up with Kendrick Lamar at LAX and got his opinion on the numerous “Control” responses he’s received since the unveiling of his controversial verse.  As the Compton native made his way to enter the car waiting for him, K Dot confidently lets the cameraman know that he feels every rapper that’s released an official response towards him needs to try harder.  Not saying much of anything else, Kendrick drives his opinion home as he repeats himself just before driving off.  Check out the exclusive footage courtesy of the all seeing TMZ.

VIDEO: Rick Ross Punks TMZ Cameraman


Rozay runs into one of TMZ’s cameramen and gives the guy a bit of a hard time.  However, it appears to be all in good fun but Rick Ross still goes in on the poor guy and punks him into talking into his personal videographer’s camera instead of addressing him directly.  He also let’s the man know that he no longer works for TMZ head Harvey Levin and instead works for him now.  Still, the cameraman gets denied membership to MMG as Ross personally lets him know he’ll never be down with the crew.  It’s kind of an awkward situation really, check it out below.

VIDEO: DMX Caught On Tape Streaking Through Hotel


TMZ unveils security footage from a hotel in Detroit that captures Ruff Ryder rapper DMX streaking completely naked.  The short clip showcases X creeping behind a corner in the hallway and dropping his boxers before taking off running down the hallway.  With staff only a few feet away, X eventually comes back and throws his underwear back on.  Below is an official statement from X’s rep on the matter.

“DMX was a Detroit hotel with his DJ (DJ NonStop) and his road manager (Montana) before his performance with Eve and Lil Kim on August 31st. X and the team were killing time at the hotel before the concert and dared each other to streak in the hallway. No one was aware that security cameras were rolling and it was just a playful dare between friends.”

VIDEO: Wale Says He’s The Best Rapper In The World


TMZ camera’s caught up with Wale outside of LAX to get his thoughts on Kendrick Lamar including his name in his latest lyrical bashing with his verse in Big Sean’s “Control.”  The MMG rapper emphasizes that he would have felt offended if the TDE rapper had decided not to include him.  Before parting ways with paparazzi, Wale goes on to confidently proclaim himself the best rapper in the world.  One can only assume he probably wasn’t very impressed with Kendrick Lamar’s verse as much as the rest of the Hip Hop world.