NEWS: Mack Maine Charged w/ Sexual Battery


According to TMZ, rapper and YMCMB President Mack Maine has officially been charged with two felony charges in Oklahoma.  Maine’s unfortunate luck comes about after police say he sexually assaulted a female fan and punched another in the face on his tour bus.  TMZ also claims they have court documents in their possession that state Maine invited both females back to his tour bus last month where he decided to grab one woman’s breast without her permission and after both attempted to leave he trapped them by holding the door shut.  After one of the women was able to free the door and exit, Maine allegedly punched her in the face and subsequently broker her jaw and knocked her down the stairs of the tour bus.

VIDEO: 2 Chainz Arrested In Oklahoma After Tour Bus Standoff


Rapper 2 Chainz was arrested early this morning in Oklahoma along with 11 other passengers after his bus was stopped following a performance on Lil Wayne’s tour.  According to the news report below and TMZ, the driver was taken off the bus at some point and as he made his exit, the door was shut and locked behind him.  As a result, a standoff with police ensued for some hours as 2 Chainz and company decided not to partake in an illegal search and seizure and refused to allow police access.  A search warrant was eventually obtained but in the meantime a tow truck was called out and hauled everyone away until police got what they needed.  According to TMZ, once inside, Police discovered an unspecified amount of an unknown drug and all passengers were arrested on charges of  “interfering with the police process”

This all started after police apparently pulled 2 Chainz’s bus over for broken taillights and when they approached the vehicle noticed signs of drug use according to TMZ.  However, the G.O.O.D. Music artist’s ordeal is over as the rapper and his crew were released from custody a few hours later.  Check out the video below as TMZ was there to capture the moment in all its glory as 2 Chainz decided to give everyone the bird and a friendly reminder that his album is releasing soon.

VIDEO: DMX Arrested Again In South Carolina


Controversial artist DMX was recently arrested again out in South Carolina for weed possession.  According to DMX, the F350 he was riding in was pulled over on a bogus illegal turn call and subsequently searched with marijuana found near X’s seat.  In fact, X can be heard yelling on the video below that he felt the police was setting him up and openly questioning their motives.

Still, after being recognized by one of the arresting officers, DMX was also brought in over an open warrant for his arrest. It’s also noteworthy to point out that X was not caught driving the vehicle this time.  Check out the statement below that a representative from DMX’s camp released to address the issue and below is video of his arrest that was obtained by TMZ.

“DMX was driving in the passenger seat when the vehicle he was in was pulled over last night. Although officers pulled them over for a minor traffic violation, DMX was asked to step outside so they can search the vehicle. Officers then claimed that they found bags of marijuana in the floorboard and arrested X. No drugs were found on DMX or the other passengers and the alleged bags of marijuana were never shown to DMX or the other passengers. DMX was released this morning at approximately 11am EST and is back at his home in South Carolina.” ~ Domenick Nati (Nati Celebrity Services)

VIDEO: DMX Passes Out After Being Arrested For DUI in South Carolina


DMX found himself in trouble with the law yet again after being pulled over a few days ago and subsequently arrested and charged for DUI in South Carolina.  As the rap star’s fall from grace continues, TMZ has acquired and released footage from the dash camera of the arresting trooper’s car which shows DMX looking pretty bad and passing out in the passenger seat.  After being pulled over, X can be heard admitting to the officer that his license is suspended and quickly is put through several sobriety tests which apparently he failed.  Driving a 1978 Plymouth Volare, DMX exits the vehicle and quickly sparks up a cigarette almost as if to maintain his composure and get his bearings before having to endure the police procedures he’s sadly become all to familiar with.

NEWS: DJ Clue Arrested For Drugs In New York


TMZ is reporting that 38-year-old DJ Clue who is widely popular in New York was arrested this morning after police caught the Desert Storm DJ in possession of illegal pills.  Some of the details being speculated by TMZ are that Clue was pulled over because of a routine traffic violation and subsequently it was discovered his license was suspended.  As a result, New York Police proceeded with a search of his vehicle and was then that three pills were discovered wrapped in tin foil.  Clue is now in custody and has been charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and aggravated unlicensed operator.  DJ Clue has worked with many artists in the music industry for many years such as Jay-Z, DMX, and the late rapper Notorious B.I.G..  According to TMZ the story is currently unfolding as details continue to develop.

Here is footage of DJ Clue recently interviewing rapper A$AP Rocky on Desert Storm Radio from New York radio station Power 105



VIDEO: Too Short Runs From Police After DUI Stop

Where was he trying to go? What was his next plan?  Take a look at some raw footage of Short getting his run on and TMZ’s broadcast follow up for their show.

Rapper Too Short was pulled over for DUI and after a sobriety test that didn’t go so well, he BOLTED the scene. Cops caught up, arrested him and when they got back to the station, they found drugs in the back of the police car. But Too Short has a defense: They’re not his! CASE DISMISSED!

NEWS: French Montana Fan Shot & Killed Outside Tour Bus

On Thursday just before midnight, shots broke out after a French Montana show in Philadelphia.  The rapper is currently on tour and had just finished performing at the TLA venue.  French who was in his tour bus when shots rang out, was pulling up with his entourage and staff to get a room for the night at a local Holiday Inn Express.  That is when a passing car began firing shots into the crowd that had followed Montana’s bus and collected outside in the parking lot.  Two men were hit as at least seven rounds were confirmed fired with a 27-year-old losing his life shortly after and 29-year-old who suffered and injury to the shoulder.  Montana was questioned by police and it appears that the he and his crew were not the intended targets.


French Montana also took to Instagram later that night to show a first person perspective of his questioning with police and captioned the photo with “nobody got time for this shit”.

French Montana in question

VIDEO: Pusha T – Millions Ft. Ricky Rawse

Apparently, Pusha T at one point had millions in the ceiling and choppers in the closet while Rick Ross was questioned at some point by police officials and blew a rebellious cloud of smoke in an officer’s face while under questioning.  Check out the latest visuals from one half of the Clipse featuring the boss Rick Ross.

VIDEO: Rick Ross & Gunplay scuffle backstage at BET Hip Hop Awards with Young Jeezy & G-Unit

You can’t really see clearly what exactly is going on here but just at the beginning of the video you can see a visibly upset Rick Ross looking like he’s ready to go.  Ross can be seen just before he goes out of focus taking off his chain like he wants to fight….with numerous police already trying to tone the situation down in the hallway.  If you look close you can see DJ Drama in the back as well with a concerned look on his face.  Once Rick Ross passes him DJ Drama continues down the hall and books it to go do his radio show before being shouted out by the camera guy.

It’s sad that in the aftermath a perfectly good mirror was destroyed for apparently no good reason.  Somebody is looking at some possible bad luck I suppose.  Here is DJ Drama’s most current response on the matter he shared with Hip Hop DX.

Here is the video footage of DJ Drama speaking on the confrontation he witnessed after leaving the venue to go host his radio show.