VIDEO: Kid Red Talks Gangs In L.A. & The Bay, The Game’s Habit Of Fighting + More


Kid Red sits down for a one-on-one interview DJ Vlad for Vlad TV and discusses his relationship with Compton rapper The Game.  Take a look as the young artist breaks down the differences between gangs in the Bay Area compared to Los Angeles, clarifies if he’s Blood affiliated or not and touches on why he believes Game gets tangled in so many physical confrontations.  Interestingly enough, Red at one point also admits that the West Coast superstar enjoys putting hands on people who try and test him.

VIDEO: Math Hoffa Punches Serius Jones At Summer Madness 3


Video footage has now surfaced of the sneak punch delivered by New York native and battle rapper Math Hoffa to Serius Jones.  While going head-to-head at Smack’s Summer Madness 3 event, Hoffa can be seen in the video losing his cool as Jones’ signature cocky and carefree demeanor eventually proves to be too much for him.  From out of nowhere, Hoffa decides to throw a punch and almost knocks Serius Jones out as he stumbles back into the accompanying crowd on stage.  Following Hoffa’s attack the venue security decided to shut the event down and subsequently Math is now banned from a position in the URL league and future SMACK events.

VIDEO: French Montana Performs & Walks Adrien Broner To The Boxing Ring

The somewhat controversial boxing match between Adrien Broner vs Pauli Malignaggi ended with Broner taking the win but not without commentary from Malignaggi who expressed his disappointment in the scorecards not being closer with the split-decision.  In typical Broner fashion, the young boxer who is rapidly on the rise showboated his way to the ring with rapper French Montana and declared he wasn’t “worried bout nothin”.  Frenchie proceeded with a walking performance of his latest single “I Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin” off his latest album Excuse My French.

VIDEO: Consequence Sucker Punches Joe Budden at VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Reunion Show

In case you missed all the f*ckery that took place on VH1’s reunion show for Love & Hip Hop, here’s probably the most interesting part of all.  Take a look at the footy above to see the sucker punch heard all over the world.  Watch as Consequence runs up on Joe Budden during a break in taping and watch as Tahiry serves Cons a cold one to the face.  Below is also a recent over-the-phone interview Joey did with Jenny Boom Boom and the Slaughterhouse member confirms that he and Tahiry are in fact back together once again.

VIDEO: Ray J & Bad Azz Fight At West Coast Fest Backstage

So last night I was in the mix over at the West Coast Fest show at Club Nokia covering the event with Skee TV and I guess at some point backstage Ray J (who was with Tierra Marie) and rapper Bad Azz got into a fight.  I met the lady who initially in the footage is arguing with the Ray J and she stated she manages or is affiliated with rapper Stalley from MMG.  However, from what I understand the beef between Ray J and Bad Azz goes back further from when Bad Azz had to let Ray J know he wasn’t allowed on Snoop Dogg’s bus because at that time Snoop was distancing himself from known associates of Suge Knight.  There was also a situation in the past that sparked bad blood when Ray J supposedly had a heated argument with Suge’s niece from what I understand.

Take a listen to Bad Azz’s side of the story as he called Power 105’s Breakfast Club to clarify details.

VIDEO: 40 Glocc Details His Lawsuit Against The Game

“Gangster” rapper and if I’m correct former G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc, recently sat down with DJ Vlad to discuss in detail his past run in with Compton rapper The Game.  In this clip 40 attempts to justify why he currently has a pending lawsuit against Game for $4.5 million and gives his side of how things went down.

VIDEO: Consequence & Joe Budden VH1 Street Fight

What doesn’t get caught on video these days?  Looks like every camera was rolling as Cons and Joe got into it last night in New York at VH1’s Love & Hip Hop reunion show.  Yesterday, Joey called into The Angie Martinez Show  to discuss while on break from taping the details of the situation that was unfolding.  Joe stated that he believed the “sucker punch” from Cons was sparked from Joe confronting him a few weeks back at HOT 97.

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Says I’ll Beat The F*ck Out of You

Fuse drops this gem with footage of Justin Bieber attempting to go gangsta on a British Paparazzo. Following his recent on stage collapse, Bieber the following day was attempting to make his way into his vehicle with his security when he apparently brushed the paparazzo a little too hard.  Once inside the vehicle Bieber overheard the paparazzo’s comments and decided he would play the “hold me back bro” card and popped out the van.  Now I don’t know if Bieber has been hanging out with rapper YG and other west coast artists too much or maybe picking up fighting pointers from Lil Twist but check out the footage below to see his reaction.