VIDEO: Math Hoffa Punches Serius Jones At Summer Madness 3


Video footage has now surfaced of the sneak punch delivered by New York native and battle rapper Math Hoffa to Serius Jones.  While going head-to-head at Smack’s Summer Madness 3 event, Hoffa can be seen in the video losing his cool as Jones’ signature cocky and carefree demeanor eventually proves to be too much for him.  From out of nowhere, Hoffa decides to throw a punch and almost knocks Serius Jones out as he stumbles back into the accompanying crowd on stage.  Following Hoffa’s attack the venue security decided to shut the event down and subsequently Math is now banned from a position in the URL league and future SMACK events.

VIDEO: Battle Rapper Dizaster Calls Out Math Hoffa After Punching Serius Jones


Rap battle veteran Dizaster reaches out to DJ Skee to deliver a special announcement live on-the-air. Looking anxious and ready to talk, Dizaster decides to call out Math Hoffa after the rapper recently punched Serius Jones during their battle at Summer Madness 3. Considering the blow a sign of disrespect to the culture, Dizaster proceeded to lay into Hoffa and explains he now has a personal issue with him. Dizaster went on to give insight into Hoffa’s behind-the-scenes threats and alleged aggressive antics he utilizes to get inside the mind of his opponents before every battle. Before heading out, Dizaster makes it clear he wants to settle the score the Math Hoffa, says he’s not afraid of the rapper and tells DJ Skee he won’t come to Los Angeles to go lyrically one-on-one.