VIDEO: Mac Miller Interview In Toronto w/ Walder


Walder catches up with Mac Miller out in Toronto for a one-on-one candid interview backstage at Sound Academy.  Miller opened things up with his signature playful attitude and expressed his joy with the multicultural diversity in the city.  Mac also clarifies to viewers that he was holding a blowup doll on his cover for his new Delusional Thomas mixtape, his love for writing from other people’s perspective and explains that he has additional alter-egos he’ll eventually introduce to fans.  The rapper took the opportunity to touch on an upcoming mini-documentary entitled, Hi, How Are You, that he will be executive producing which is based on songwriter Daniel Johnson, filming Scary Movie 5 with Snoop Dogg, Watching Movies With The Sound Off and so much more.

VIDEO: Jhene Aiko – “My Mine” Live In Toronto


Check out some coverage from back in September of the beautiful songstress Jhene Aiko performing “My Mine” at the 7th Annual Manifesto Festival.  The live show served as Aiko’s debut to Canadian fans.  Take a look as Jhene treated crowd-goers to a powerful performance of “My Mine” which is featured on the singer’s 2011 project entitled Sailing Soul(s).  Also, be on the look out for Aiko’s upcoming Sail Out EP which is set to release on November 12.

VIDEO: Drake Performs “From Time” w/ Jhene Aiko In Toronto


Yesterday Drake celebrated his 27th birthday as his Would Like A Tour? stopped in his hometown of Toronto, Canada.  Take a look as Drizzy hits the stage and brings out the beautiful Jhene Aiko for a performance of their collaborative slow jam “From Time” featured on Nothing Was The Same.

VIDEO: Tha Dogg Pound Gets Stopped & Questioned At Canadian Border


Here’s some footage of National Geographic’s TV show “Border Security: Canada’s Frontline” which features none other than legendary West Coast duo Tha Dogg Pound.  Take a look as Kurupt and Daz Dillinger attempt to make their way into Canada to perform for a show and are stopped after their past issues with the law raises red flags with officials.

VIDEO: Melanie Fiona – Cold Piece


Canadian singer Melanie Fiona drops a new collaborative visual for the infectious jam “Cold Piece” with Pepsi Pulse.  The Ryan Wick directed and ice cream inspired music video showcases Fiona upbeat on the streets of Brooklyn with friends as she reminisces on the ups and downs of a relationship that left her emotionally scarred and with countless memories.  Take a listen as Melanie struggles with the thought of someone so beautiful in her eyes possessing in the end such a cold heart.

VIDEO: Danny Brown Makes It To Canada For 2 High 2 Die Tour


Canadian fans recently rejoiced as Detroit native Danny Brown was finally let into the country to perform alongside Action Bronson on the 2 High 2 Die Tour.  After already missing four separate dates, it appeared that Brown would never be allowed access as his previous attempts to cross the border were repeatedly denied.  Take a look at the footage that’s surfaced which showcases Danny performing “Side B(Dope Song)” and “Dip” live from Danforth Music Hall.

VIDEO: Nardwuar vs. French Montana


Nardwuar the human serviette catches up with Morocco born rapper French Montana out in Vancouver and discusses a number of topics.  Hanging out and smoking hookah, Montana explains to the camera why he’s such as big Slick Rick fan and says Tim Dog’s “F*ck Compton” helped influenced his love for Hip Hop back in his old neighborhood while growing up in New York.  Frenchie also shared details on his Moroccan roots and admitted he actually raised pigeons as a kid in his homeland.  Watch as Nardwuar proceeds with his unique Q&A session and leaves French Montana with a Hip Hop coloring book as a gift.

VIDEO: Nardwuar vs Trina


Nardwuar the human serviette catches up with “The Baddest Bitch” Trina for a one-on-one interview.  Trina speaks on the creative inspiration behind the artwork to her Da Baddest Bitch LP, early Hip Hop artists from out of the city of Miami, working for AT&T and UPS, her family roots, her love for Beyonce and much more.  No one conducts an interview quite like Nardwuar can.

VIDEO: Kevin Hart & Drake Go Paintballing | Day In The Life

While on the Let Me Explain tour we made a stop in Toronto Canada. I decided to call my friend Drake and challenge him to a paintball competition. It was a good idea until I realized neither me or anybody else on my team had ever been paintballing before. Needless to didn’t turn out like i thought it would….