VIDEO: T.I. Says Trinidad James Doesn’t Speak For Atlanta + More


T.I. sits down with Jack Thriller of for an exclusive interview.  Check out the self-proclaimed, “King of The South,” as he details exactly why Trinidad James does not speak on behalf of Atlanta.  In fact, T.I. makes it clear that James is relatively still a rookie in the game.  The rapper also opens up on the importance of respect and looks back at his earlier years coming up.

VIDEO: Chris Webby Talks Having A Bad Mushroom Trip, Homegrown EP + More


ThisIs50’s Jack Thriller catches up with Connecticut’s Chris Webby for a one-on-one interview.  The rising talent kicks things off by clarifying he doesn’t have any kids and admits to audiences he’s not a role model, however, his story is not only authentic but it’s admirable.  As the conversation between the two continued, Webby opens up about a past mushroom trip that left him freaking out, why his ideal pet would be a small monkey and being happy with the his new Homegrown sales.  Before calling it a wrap, Chris shares some details with fans about what they can expect to hear on his forthcoming LP.

VIDEO: Maino Talks Trinidad James w/ Jack Thriller


Jack Thriller catches up with Maino to see where he currently stands on his disagreement with Trinidad James.  Looking more calm and relaxed about the situation, Maino works around Thriller’s questions and downplays the situation by explaining that he plans to not have to resort to using the “hand of god” anytime soon.  In fact, Maino states that he’s really a nice guy and warns that perhaps it’s not him the Atlanta rapper should be worried about considering he upset an entire city.

VIDEO: YG Talks Signing w/ CTE, Young Jeezy, Freddie Gibbs + More


Jack Thriller and ThisIs50 liberate additional coverage from the green carpet at the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards.  This time fans get to see an exclusive interview between thriller and CTE’s YG.  Take a look as the California native gives insight behind how his music caught Young Jeezy’s attention which led the rapper to contact Def Jam about taking YG under his wing.  YG also makes it very clear he doesn’t consider himself a replacement for Freddie Gibbs and explains that he never even knew there was bad blood between Jeezy and Gibbs.  Before heading inside, YG shares his thoughts on touring with Yo Gotti for the “I Am Tour” and their recent collaboration “Act Right.”  My Krazy Life is set to release early 2014.

VIDEO: 50 Cent Talks Battle Rapping, Big T + More w/ Jack Thriller


Jack Thriller links up with 50 cent and Kidd Kidd to discuss the current status of battle rapping.  The New York rapper touches on his love for the art and explains how rap battles have become financially rewarding nowadays to participate in than in year’s past.  Fif also clarifies he’s a fan of battle rapper Big T and explains why he’s currently his favorite.  The G-Unit general addresses the lack of authenticity in Hip Hop.

VIDEO: Snoop Dogg On Hosting The 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards + More


Jack Thriller of catches up with Uncle Snoop Dogg on Sprite’s green carpet for the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards show.  The legendary West Coast Hip Hop artist opens things up by joking around about his line of comfortable house slippers line called Doggy Biscutiz and shares his excitement for being asked to host the awards this year.  In fact, Snoop playfully announces to the camera that he plans to surprise viewers and they might even see him take a few tokes on television.

VIDEO: Jadakiss Talks New Album ‘Float’, Past 50 Cent Beef, Jadakiss + More

D Block’s Styles P links up with Jack Thriller from and the two discuss a number a topics which include Styles’ new album Float, putting past beef aside with 50 Cent, and Jadakiss finally deciding to grow his hair out. Take a look at this funny interview above.