VIDEO: Maino Talks Trinidad James’ Lost Watch + More

mainoNew York rapper, Maino, sits down with HOT 97’s Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds for an exclusive interview.  The aggressive emcee takes the opportunity to address his mysterious Instagram post that showcased a photo of a gold watch with a caption aimed at Trinidad James.  Check out the choice words from Maino below and take a look as the rapper gives out his number live on the air and much more.

Lol ain’t this your watch brother? @trinidadjamesgg? Got caught slipping huh? At Prive, in Atlanta huh? Smh…damn homie…but since everybody else making up I might get that back for u lmao… #mrniceguy

VIDEO: T.I. Says Trinidad James Doesn’t Speak For Atlanta + More


T.I. sits down with Jack Thriller of for an exclusive interview.  Check out the self-proclaimed, “King of The South,” as he details exactly why Trinidad James does not speak on behalf of Atlanta.  In fact, T.I. makes it clear that James is relatively still a rookie in the game.  The rapper also opens up on the importance of respect and looks back at his earlier years coming up.

AUDIO: Papoose – Jive Ass Turkey | Trinidad James Diss


Papoose declares war and calls out Trinidad James over his now infamous Atlanta-New York rant.  The Brooklyn rapper steps up to the plate for his city and takes to the net on Thanksgiving to share his latest offering, “Jive Ass Turkey.”  Nothing is off limits as Pap goes in on the Southern rapper and calls him a one-hit wonder, ugly, downplays his skills behind the mic and much more.  Take a listen as the New York lyricist proceeds to tear James a new one with his vicious new diss record.

VIDEO: Maino Talks Trinidad James w/ Jack Thriller


Jack Thriller catches up with Maino to see where he currently stands on his disagreement with Trinidad James.  Looking more calm and relaxed about the situation, Maino works around Thriller’s questions and downplays the situation by explaining that he plans to not have to resort to using the “hand of god” anytime soon.  In fact, Maino states that he’s really a nice guy and warns that perhaps it’s not him the Atlanta rapper should be worried about considering he upset an entire city.

AUDIO: Fred The Godson – N.Y.C. (You’re Welcome) | Trinidad James Diss


With all this talk going around as of late concerning Trinidad James and New York City, Fred The Godson decides to get in on the action and throw in his two cents over Cam’ron and JAY Z’s “Welcome To New York City” instrumental.  “N.Y.C. (You’re Welcome)” finds the pudgy emcee defending the city’s honor as he aims a few bars in James’ direction.  However, Fred’s latest offering comes off more as a warning than anything else.

VIDEO: DJ Kid Capri Advises Trinidad James To Keep New York Out Of His Mouth


DJ Kid Capri will be featured on an upcoming episode of Revolt TV’s “The Gate.”  In the sneak peek provided, Capri decides to address all the controversy surrounding Trinidad James’ recent comments in Brooklyn.  Though Capri states he doesn’t have a personal problem with James, he doesn’t hesitate to share some advice with the camera and states dudes need to keep the city of New York’s name out of their mouth.  Capri went on to remind viewers that New York is responsible for giving birth to Hip hop and reassures fans he’s confident things will come around and the city will be back on top.

AUDIO: Maino Calls Trinidad James & Demands A Public Apology

trinidad smoke

New York rapper Maino is not playing when he says he wants Trinidad James to apologize for his recent rant in Brooklyn.  Take a listen to this new audio that’s been released that showcases Maino’s personal phone call to Atlanta’s Trinidad James.  It’s clear that Maino is taking the situation very seriously as he aggressively explains to James why he’s upset and demands that he apologize to his city before things get physical.  Maino goes on to explain that the situation is concerned with right and wrong and that he will begin to let up when James releases his public apology video.  Trinidad continues to point the finger at the media while Maino only seems to be concerned with proving his dominance.

VIDEO: Trinidad James Refuses To Apologize For New York Rant


Trinidad James releases a new visual to address all the controversy surrounding his New York rant that was made at Converse’s event in Brooklyn.  The rapper took the opportunity clarify his intentions and explain exactly what meant with his onstage speech.  James also makes it very clear that he’s not apologizing for outspoken opinion because he feels it’s true and that he didn’t cross any lines.  The “All Gold Everything” rapper tells viewers he was only trying to encourage New York radio to play more up and coming hometown artists.

VIDEO: Rich Homie Quan On Trinidad James’ NY Rant


DJ Vlad catches up with Rich Homie Quan following Trinidad James’ controversial comments made in Brooklyn.  The down South rapper weighs in on the situation after watching the onstage footage and explains he believes the media is blowing things out of proportion.  Quan also wisely works his way around Vlad’s questioning and doesn’t side or disagree with Trinidad James.  In fact, the rapper explains to the camera he simply stays in his own lane and believes it’s not his place to comment on New York radio or Atlanta running anything.

VIDEO: Waka Flocka Says Trinidad James Is Disrespectful, Hip Hop Is Boring + More


Waka Flocka stops by Revolt TV for an interview and touches on a number of topics which includes his growth as an artist, Trinidad James, Flockavelli 2 and much more.  Waka kicks things off by touching on the transition of his career from “Hard In The Paint” to doing EDM tours with Steve Aoki.  Flocka continued by explaining why he feels Hip Hop is now boring and plagued with too many politics.  The New York bred rapper also shares his thoughts on Trinidad James’ recent New York rant and calls the Atlanta native disrespectful.  Waka elaborated on the controversy by stating that James is now forced to watch his back in the city.  Before heading out, Waka Flocka Flame speaks on Flockavelli 2, his label Brick Squad Monopoly and his new game app.