VIDEO: Maino Talks Trinidad James’ Lost Watch + More

mainoNew York rapper, Maino, sits down with HOT 97’s Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds for an exclusive interview.  The aggressive emcee takes the opportunity to address his mysterious Instagram post that showcased a photo of a gold watch with a caption aimed at Trinidad James.  Check out the choice words from Maino below and take a look as the rapper gives out his number live on the air and much more.

Lol ain’t this your watch brother? @trinidadjamesgg? Got caught slipping huh? At Prive, in Atlanta huh? Smh…damn homie…but since everybody else making up I might get that back for u lmao… #mrniceguy

VIDEO: A$AP Mob Denys Beefing w/ Pro Era + More


A$AP Mob catches up with Peter Rosenberg and Ebro at HOT 97 for an exclusive interview off air.  Take a look as the Mob denies internet rumors that there’s bad blood between them and Pro era.  ’90s Hip Hop was a major topic of discussion as the group credited the era as being a big influence on their sound.  Rosenberg and Ebro also addressed Trinidad James’ infamous Atlanta-New York along with the crew’s rumored preference for white women.  Before heading out, the mob spoke on their new single, “Trillmatic,” and shared their thoughts on what it was like to work with Method Man.

VIDEO: Peter Gunz Talks VH1’s Love & Hip Hop, Admits He’s A Liar + More


If you’re a fan of VH1’s reality show Love & Hip Hop, then you already know this season is shaping up to be drama filled and highly entertaining.  New York’s Peter Gunz found himself tossed into the spotlight this season as the rap veteran’s personal issues with two separate relationships has become a big part of the show.  Gunz recently sat down with Peter Rosenberg and Ebro off the air to discuss all the problems he’s been dealing with on camera and to provide viewers some clarification with his side of the story.

VIDEO: Nipsey Hussle Talks Crenshaw’s $100 Price Tag, West Coast Hip Hop, TDE + More


Neighborhood Nipsey Hussle catches up with Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds for an in-depth and lengthy interview over at HOT 97.  Hot off the release of his game changing Crenshaw project, Nip shares his thoughts on the rise of West Coast Hip Hop and breaks down his inspiration for slapping a $100 price tag on it.  The Los Angeles native also touches on his Proud2Pay movement, his relationship with Snoop Dogg and what it took to learn the in’s and out’s of the music industry in order to reach the level he’s at today.  Speaking candidly, Nipsey explains his friendship with Kendrick Lamar, TDE, DJ Quik and much more.

VIDEO: ScHoolboy Q Speaks On Shitting His Pants In High School


ScHoolboy Q links up with Cipha Sounds to make a recent appearance on his Hip Hop inspired improv comedy show.  The HOT 97 introduces the audience to the TDE rapper and explains to Q that he needs to tell a story from a personal experience to the comedians on stage in order for them to have some material to work with on stage and reenact.  Watch as the Los Angeles native gets into details with a funny story about accidentally using the restroom on himself in high school that leaves everyone laughing in the small venue.

VIDEO: Cipha Sounds Calls Out DJ Khaled


DJ Khaled and Rick Ross recently made their way over to HOT 97 to have a sit down with Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds.  Watch as Ciph takes the opportunity to confront DJ Khaled about not showing the same love and support back that he initiated towards the DJ-producer early on in his career.  The radio host opens up about being one of the few DJ’s to even play Khaled’s to which DJ Khaled completely disagrees and even goes so far as to say that Cipha is lying.  What appears to be an innocent back and forth discussion between two friends eventually gets a bit heated as Cipha rebuttals Khaled’s claims and becomes more aggressive before the visual fades to black.  Guess we’ll have to wait for part two to see what happened.

VIDEO: The Realness – Big Sean vs Kanye West

Peter Rosenberg gives his two cents as to why he feels MTV’s “Hottest MC’s” list is on point with having Big Sean over Kanye West.  Though it may be true that Big Sean has been pretty active over the last year, let’s not forget Kanye West is one of the greatest and the moment he drops another project the tide will shift.  He’s been touring a lot over seas, dealing with the whole situation with Kim, and the last thing he was working on was the G.O.O.D. music collaborative album Cruel Summer.