VIDEO: A$AP Mob Denys Beefing w/ Pro Era + More


A$AP Mob catches up with Peter Rosenberg and Ebro at HOT 97 for an exclusive interview off air.  Take a look as the Mob denies internet rumors that there’s bad blood between them and Pro era.  ’90s Hip Hop was a major topic of discussion as the group credited the era as being a big influence on their sound.  Rosenberg and Ebro also addressed Trinidad James’ infamous Atlanta-New York along with the crew’s rumored preference for white women.  Before heading out, the mob spoke on their new single, “Trillmatic,” and shared their thoughts on what it was like to work with Method Man.

VIDEO: A$AP Rocky – Angels


A$AP Rocky takes the better late than never approach and gives his “Angels” track the visual treatment off LongLiveA$AP.  The trippy music video finds the Rocky and his A$AP Mob riding around the city on BMX bikes and getting into trouble.  Despite the track’s title, A$AP and his crew turn out to be anything but as they play stick up kids and harass a few people along their journey.  Take a look as A$AP Rocky and his goons lock and load and hit the streets to put in work.

VIDEO: A$AP Ferg Talks Upcoming A$AP Mob Album + More w/ Nicky Geezy


Nicky Geezy of catches up with Harlem bred rapper A$AP Ferg for a candid one-on-one interview.  Fergenstein discusses the meaning behind his Trap Lord title and gives up details about the upcoming A$AP Mob album that fans can expect to hear soon.  Watch as Ferg hooks Geezy up with her honorary A$AP Mob alias, speaks on each members unique contributions in the studio and reassures fans he plans to have a long future in Hip Hop.

VIDEO: A$AP Ferg On Pitchfork’s ‘Over/Under’


A$AP Ferg links up with Pitchfork Media and stars in their latest episode of their “Over/Under” web series.  Fergenstein shares his opinion on a number of random topics and explains why he believes the subject is either underrated or overrated.  Watch as the A$AP Mob member tackles The Riddler, bees, beauty pageants, frisbee’s,  Miley Cyrus, turtles and women taking “selfie” photos.

AUDIO: A$AP Ferg – Reynolds Feat. Danny Brown


A$AP Ferg links up with Danny Brown to deliver a new track titled “Reynolds” which will not be featured on his upcoming Trap Lord LP.  The duo skillfully drop bars over a slow and menacing sampled based instrumental that showcases gritty and crafty wordplay from each artist.  Check out A$AP Ferg’s latest offering with “Reynolds” below.

AUDIO: A$AP Ferg – Hood Pope


A$AP Ferg delivers a new track off his anticipated Trap Lord LP with “Hood Pope”.  The song showcases Ferg’s signature choppy and sped up flow over a smooth beat that takes fans for a slow ride while the A$AP Mob member drops some haunting crooning and kicks rhymes about fearing death from his enemies, demons and proclaiming himself the trap lord.  Produced by VeryRvre, the mellow cut is also packed with plenty of reflective bars and religious references as Fergenstein attempts to make sense of his situation.  Trap Lord hits shelves on August 20.

VIDEO: A$AP Ferg Talks “Shabba” Music Video, ’90s Music & Trap Lord Album


A$AP Mob member A$AP Ferg sits down with Fuse and discusses his inspiration behind his latest visual for his new single “Shabba”.  Ferg opens up about his appreciation for ’90s music and acknowledges Jamaican Dancehall artist, Shabba Ranks, as one of his earlier influences.  In fact, Ferg’s new music video for “Shabba” is meant to portary Ranks’ gaudy and lavish lifestyle.  Directed by A$AP Rocky, conceptually the video shows Ferg and company sneaking into Ranks’ home and helping themselves to his amenities, clothes and women.  Before calling it a wrap, Ferg speaks on being inspired by artists like Bone Thug-N-Harmony and speaks highly of the energy they bring to the studio.

HD VIDEO: A$AP Rocky Smokes Weed w/ Fans & Performs “Purple Swag” Live In Irvine


A$AP Rocky takes a small break in the middle of his performance in Irvine, Calif. and asks the crowd to toss joints and blunts to the stage so he can smoke with them.  Watch as the crowd eagerly obliges the request and begins to shower Rocky with California’s finest greenery.  After a few words and a few tokes, Rocky picks up where he left off and gets into “Purple Swag: Chapter 2” off his Live.Love.A$AP mixtape.

VIDEO: A$AP Ferg – Shabba Feat. A$AP Rocky


The Trap Lord A$AP Ferg finally gives his new single “Shabba” featuring A$AP Rocky the visual treatment.  The odd video almost resembles something out of an episode of The Addams Family.  Showcasing the entire A$AP mob and some pretty young things, Ferg and company party it up in an old looking house and even hit up Snoop from The Wire to come kick it.  Trap Lord is set to drop on August 20.