VIDEO: Pusha T – “S.N.I.T.C.H.” Feat. Pharrell Williams On Jimmy Kimmel Live


“King Push” takes the stage on The Jimmy Kimmel Show with Pharrell for a live performance of their collaborative song, “S.N.I.T.C.H.,” which is featured on Pusha’s My Name Is My Name LP.  Backed by a full band, watch as the Virginia natives rock the Sony indoor stage for fans and perform for viewers tuning in at home.  My Name Is My Name is in stores and available for purchase.

VIDEO: Snoop Dogg Asks Al Gore A Question About Weed On Jimmy Kimmel Live


Snoop Dogg recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was able to perform some of his new music off his upcoming collaborative album entitled 7 Days Of Funk.  However, the Long Beach native also took the opportunity to partake in a short segment dedicated to the following night’s special guest which turned out to be Al Gore.  Here’s the clip that was aired on television from Kimmel’s latest episode which showcases Snoop’ asking a marijuana and science inspired question for the politician.

NEWS: Kanye West To Appear On Jimmy Kimmel Live


Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West are set to hash out their public feud tonight on his show Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Viewers will recall that this all stems from Kimmel’s spoof of Kanye West’s intimate interview with Zane Lowe of BBC.  After the segment finished and made its rounds on the internet, West fired back at Kimmel with a massive twitter rant which also included some pretty hilarious memes.  Jimmy eventually addressed Wests’ Twitter rant and explained to viewers that the two had just finished speaking on the phone.  With a condescending tone and punchline attitude to match, Kimmel attempted to downplay West’s comments with his witty humor and painted Kanye out to viewers as being the one who was upset about the situation.  Tonight, it’s recommended you tune in to catch the talk show as Jimmy Kimmel took to Twitter yesterday to announce Yeezus will be joining him for a one-on-one interview.

VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Alleges Kanye West Claimed To Be The New 2Pac + More


After causing Kanye West to go on a Twitter rant earlier today after poking fun at the rapper’s recent interview with BBC’s Zane Lowe, Jimmy Kimmel decided to address the Chicago native’s angry posts during a monologue on his show tonight.  The talk show host also revealed just hours earlier that he shared a conversation with West over-the-phone regarding his spoof that aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Kimmel alleges Kanye West advised him it would be in his life’s best interest to apologize publicly, warned he was the most powerful voice in media and at one point even referred to himself as 2Pac multiple times.  Watch as Jimmy Kimmel uses his witty attitude and condescending humor to address Kanye West and engage in a war of words.

NEWS: Kanye West Responds To Jimmy Kimmel w/ Twitter Rant


Needless to say, Kanye West was not amused with Jimmy Kimmel’s recent spoof of the rapper’s intimate interview with BBC’s Zane Lowe.  In fact, the G.O.O.D. Music head honcho decided to take to his Twitter account today to vent some of his frustration towards the talk show host.  It’s no secret that Yeezus over the last few years made the conscious decision not to participate in any type of interview and only recently accepted to do one with Lowe following the popularity of the journalist’s one-on-one sit down with JAY Z.  After BBC released part one of Zane’s interview with the Chicago native, Jimmy Kimmel decided to mock West with a short spoof he showcased for viewers on his show.  Below are the numerous tweets posted today by Mr. West aimed at Kimmel.  According to Jimmy Kimmel’s official twitter account, the talk show host is apparently going to prepare his own response for Kanye on tonight’s show.

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VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs Kanye West & Zane Lowe Interview


Jimmy Kimmel serves up some laughs with his latest spoof of Kanye West and Zane Lowe’s recent interview for BBC.  After West made questionable comments about Rap becoming the new Rock and explained to Zane he considers himself the biggest star, viewers were taken back and debates were sparked across the net.  Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel decided to capitalize on the moment and unveiled a short spoof he put together with children actors sitting in as Kanye and Zane Lowe.

VIDEO: Big Sean’s Mom Raps ‘Dance (A$$)’

Big Sean’s mom recently made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show for his ‘Words From Your Mother’ segment.  The portion of the show revolved around Sean’s mom rapping the explicit chorus of his hit song “Dance (A$$)”.  Participating at the request of Jimmy, Sean’s mom was a good sport in giving the skit an added comedic value when she read the lyrics out loud in a calm voice with a steady a demeanor in front of a green screen.  What is unknown is if Big Sean’s mom knew exactly what visual was going to be playing as a popular viral video of a woman twerking ran behind her simultaneously.  Either way the skit proved to be humorous and went down in good taste.  Take a look for yourself and let us know how you feel about skit in the comment section below.