VIDEO: Eminem Interview w/ Zane Lowe | Pt. 4


Part four concludes Zane Lowe’s exclusive interview with rapper Eminem.  The Detroit native opens up about singing on tracks, the economic hardships the city of Detroit continues to endure and much more.  Mathers explains how he enjoys embodying the underdog mentality of his city and that his music will always reflect his hometown’s fighting spirit.  In fact, Marshall reveals to Lowe that he still regularly takes rides through old city neighborhoods to clear his mind and reflect on how far he’s come as an artist. Touring and live performances also served as the topic of discussion.  Eminem gives viewers insight into how he began performing small shows to get back into the swing of things after releasing Relapse.

VIDEO: Kanye West Interview w/ Zane Lowe | Pt. 4

kanye west1

In the fourth and final part of BBC and Zane Lowe’s one-on-one interview with Kanye West, Yeezy opens up about JAY Z being an important factor in the success of his career and more.  Watch as West explains the power behind a co-sign from Hov, says he doesn’t expect for anyone to truly understand him and breaks down why he no longer feels the need to make music alone anymore and prefers to collaborate. Interestingly enough, Kanye also admits that he feels at times he’s a target for the paparazzi who have been sent to try and involve him in a situation with the law.  Before calling it a wrap, Zane Lowe and Kanye West tackle his upcoming Yeezus tour alongside West Coast Hip Hip artist Kendrick Lamar.

VIDEO: Stalley – Honest Cowboy | Pt. 4


Stalley and company release part four of the MMG rapper’s “Honest Cowboy” web series.  Taking the confessional approach, Stalley speaks on his continued growth as an artist as well as a man and explains to the camera how that’s benefited the way he’s able to approach his music currently.  The BCG head honcho also shares details on his transition from selling sneakers to being thrown into the spotlight as an MC, experimenting more in the studio nowadays and admits how the recording process behind Honest Cowboy has helped him in connecting with his ancestry more.

VIDEO: Pusha Talks w/ Complex’s Noah Callahan-Bever In Jamaica | Pt. 4


In part four of Noah Callahan-Bever’s interview with Pusha T from Jamaica, King Push speaks on his legacy in Hip Hop and admits that he believes his name should be among the elites in the industry.  The G.O.O.D. Music rapper also points out that he feels listeners are finally starting to embrace his greatness and says his upcoming My Name Is My Name LP will cement his status in the game.

VIDEO: Juicy J – Everyday Life | Ep. 4


Juicy continues his Everyday Life vlog series by liberating episode number four.  As usual, the Taylor Gang artist keeps up with his hectic lifestyle on the road and brings the cameras along for a behind-the-scenes trippy look.  The crew starts off with dinner in Destin, Fla., heads to Toronto for a performance and wraps things up with Wiz Khalifa and company on the Under The Influence of Music Tour in New York.  Juicy also catches up with MTV’s Rob Markman who makes a cameo and throws back a few shots of Bombay.