VIDEO: Crooked I Breaks Down Tracks From Apex Predator Live On C.O.B. Radio


Fresh off the release of his highly anticipated Apex Predator LP, Crooked I grabs the mic along with co-host Somayeh and breaks down a few stand out tracks off the project.  The Long Beach native gives insight behind the creative inspiration for “YODO” which serves a cautionary tale for the younger generation to always be aware of their surroundings.  Next, Crooked talks “No Sleep Gang” which is the new banger and anthem for every go-getter and dream chaser.

The Slaughterhouse MC also takes the time to give his thoughts on the lack of authentic and talented artists currently plaguing Hip Hop but reassures listeners he holds the cure with Apex Predator.  Before heading out, Crooked I gives details behind the unorthodox making of “Sumthin From Nuthin” which showcases the rapper creating a completely original song with nothing but a water bottle, some beat boxing skills, a pen, his finger and vocals.  Be sure to tune into C.O.B. Radio every Wednesday broadcasted live from the Skee Lodge from 5 p.m to 7 p.m. only at internet radio.

VIDEO: Crooked I Says Rappers Need To Beware of These Bitches + More on C.O.B. Radio

C.O.B. Radio kicks things off with another episode full of attitude and laughs.  Host Crooked I opens up the show with explaining to listeners on why he recently found himself unfollowing Mobb Deep rapper Havoc on twitter.  After his phone was recently hacked and nude photos found their way onto the social media platform, Crooked I decided it was time to pull the plug.  The C.O.B. front man also gives his two cents on the new feature and rising popularity of Instagram video.  Crooked breaks down his preference for Vine with co-host Somayeh and explains the explicitness and freedom of the mobile application is what makes it his go-to video choice.  Be on the lookout for Crooked I’s upcoming Apex Predator LP which is set to release on July 30.

VIDEO: Crooked I Says Cheap Liquor Will Have You Turned Up & Forgetting About Your Life

Crooked I holds down another episode of C.O.B. radio with co-host Somayeh and in typical Cobster fashion right out the gate keeps it raunchy and raw for the listeners tuning in.  After more than a few sips of drink to turn it up in the studio, the Slaughterhouse emcee starts to feel the buzz and gives his personal take on cheap liquor versus popular top shelf brands and their effects.  Before closing things out, Crooked discusses the new and improved Skee mobile app and encourages fans to pick it up in order to hear all their past episodes filled with entertainment from the likes of strippers, guest rappers, and everything else in between.  Tune into C.O.B. Radio at every Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. broadcasting live from the Skee Lodge.

VIDEO: Crooked I Offers Busta Rhymes A Way Out On His $70,000 Studio Debt

C.O.B. radio hosts Crooked I and Somayeh discuss a large studio debt recently acquired by rapper Busta Rhymes. As a result, the Cash Money artist is now being sued by Paramount studios for $70,000 after racking up 375 hours in booked studio time which has yet to be paid in full. Busta’s late night and early morning past due hours are believed to be accumulated from 2011 through the beginning of 2012. After devising a master plan, Crooked I shares with Somayeh and C.O.B. listeners a potential comedic solution for Busta’s money troubles with his assistance.

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VIDEO: B-Real On Battling Rapping & Recording Records

The good folks over at Skee TV keep the visuals coming.  In the clip below watch B-Real have a sit down with Crooked I as the two discuss the differences between battling and creating an original song.

Crooked I and B-Real sit down to share their experiences about the politics that typically surround battle rap contests. Also, Crooked revisits his experience of being a judge with Slaughterhouse during a battle rap tour with Red Bull. The two go on to discuss the differences between on the spot battle raps and creating a record in the studio.

VIDEO: B-Real Says Ice-T & His Ex-Wife Saved His Life

Cypress Hill front man B-Real stops by C.O.B. Radio for a one on one sit down with host Crooked-I. B-Real reflects on Cypress Hill’s underlying message and how the conscious decision was made not to glorify the gangster lifestyle but to provide listeners understanding and personal insight through their music. The Buddha master continues with touching on DJ Muggs’ production credits, his contributions toward Cypress Hills album, and explains why he’s one of the best to ever do it.  Look out for ya boy too behind the lens.

VIDEO: Crooked I Talks Police Conduct & Christopher Dorner | C.O.B. Radio

Skee TV drops the latest visuals from C.O.B. radio with host Crooked I and co-host Somayeh live from the Skee Lodge.  Be sure to check out the show every Wednesday from 5-7pm live at or download the convenient mobile application for your phone today.  Radio w/ an attitude!

C.O.B. radio host Crooked I and co-host Somayeh sat down before Christopher Dorner met his fiery demise to discuss the chaos surrounding his alleged crimes, manifesto, and their personal experiences with law enforcement. With relations already shaky between LAPD and the public, Crooked I and Somayeh take to Skee 24/7 radio to break down police conduct and have a serious discussion with listeners. They close the show with premiering Trae Tha Truth’s newest single “Screwed Up” ft. Future.

Former LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner’s remains were recently confirmed and recovered from a burnt down cabin in Big Bear. Los Angeles Police Chief, Charlie Beck, states officials are currently still proceeding with a transparent investigation into Dorner’s firing from the LAPD in 2008.

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PHOTO: C.O.B. Radio Live W/ Crooked I & Somyeh (2/6/13)

For the past few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to help out at the Skee Lodge over in Hollywood w/ Crooked I’s internet radio show.  It’s definitely a professional, inviting, and fun environment to be a part of.  It’s also giving me the chance to learn a lot and get some hands on experience w/ the Canon 5D I get to shoot with.  Here’s just a quick snap I took in-studio of us while we were working on a music break.  Shout outs to Crooked I and the radio crew over at DJ Skee’s Skee 24/7 station.  Be sure to check out C.O.B. Radio every Wednesday live from 5-7pm at or download the convenient mobile application to hear the show.

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