VIDEO: B-Real Talks Weed, Smoking w/ Bruce Willis & Oliver Stone + More On GGN


West Coast Hip hop veteran B-Real visits Snoop Dogg on the latest episode of GGN.  Bearing potent herbal gifts for the boss dog, B-Real discusses a number of topics like the early days of Cypress Hill after the soundtrack release for the film Juice, his favorite strains of weed, smoking out Bruce Willis and Oliver Stone and much more.  Snoop also talks about hooking Larry King up with weed and closes out another episode out with having B-Real participate with his Finish This Sentence segment.

VIDEO: B-Real On Battling Rapping & Recording Records

The good folks over at Skee TV keep the visuals coming.  In the clip below watch B-Real have a sit down with Crooked I as the two discuss the differences between battling and creating an original song.

Crooked I and B-Real sit down to share their experiences about the politics that typically surround battle rap contests. Also, Crooked revisits his experience of being a judge with Slaughterhouse during a battle rap tour with Red Bull. The two go on to discuss the differences between on the spot battle raps and creating a record in the studio.

VIDEO: B-Real Says Ice-T & His Ex-Wife Saved His Life

Cypress Hill front man B-Real stops by C.O.B. Radio for a one on one sit down with host Crooked-I. B-Real reflects on Cypress Hill’s underlying message and how the conscious decision was made not to glorify the gangster lifestyle but to provide listeners understanding and personal insight through their music. The Buddha master continues with touching on DJ Muggs’ production credits, his contributions toward Cypress Hills album, and explains why he’s one of the best to ever do it.  Look out for ya boy too behind the lens.