VIDEO: Riff Raff – Raiders vs Hawks


Skee.TV does the honors of unveiling Riff Raff’s latest music video for his single “Raiders vs Hawks.”  Take a look as Jody Highroller celebrates his success and lives it up with a few lovely ladies by his side.  This one’s all about stacks of cash, champagne and boastful rhymes as the eccentric rapper compares his lifestyle to signing with an NFL team.

VIDEO: Riff Raff – Over/Under w/ Pitchfork


Riff Raff sits down with Pitchfork for a painfully awkward interview for their latest episode of “Over/Under.”  Having a number of random topics brought to his attention, Riff Raff struggles to maintain his attitude behind the camera while answering questions about shrimp, Minnesota, police, voodoo, adoption, video games and much more.  Take a look as the eccentric rapper also explains to viewers why he no longer freestyles and his disbelief of global warming.

VIDEO: Migos – Jumpin’ Out Da Gym Feat. Riff Raff & Trinidad James


Migos releases a new music video for their new collaboration with Riff Raff and Trinidad James called “Jumpin’ Out Da Gym.”  If one thing’s for sure, all these guys do a fine job of not outshining each other as they have some fun and add their own special flavor to the mix over a bouncy instrumental.  Backed by World Star Hip Hop, the visual finds each artist lacing the track with braggadocios rhymes related to sports.  “Jumpin’ Out Da Gym” is set to be featured on the group’s upcoming Young Rich Niggas 2 project.

AUDIO: Diplo – Rock Steady Ft. Action Bronson, Riff Raff, Mr MFN eXquire & Nicky Da B


Here’s a new track from DJ and producer Diplo called “Rock Steady” that will be featured on his new Revolution EP.  The song also features the services of Action Bronson, Riff Raff, Mr MFN eXquire and Nicky Da B as they turn the energy up over the odd sounding sampled based production courtesy of Diplo.  Fans can pick up “Rock Steady” and more as the Revolution EP is now available to purchase on iTunes and Beatport.

VIDEO: A$AP Rocky & Riff Raff – Back & Forth | Pt. 2


Noisey throws viewers right back in where they left off from part one with part two of A$AP Rocky’s comical “Back & Forth” interview with Riff Raff.  Watch as Rocky introduces A$AP Yamz to Riff and also calls over A$AP Ferg to get in on the action for a candid conversation and blunt session.  The A$AP Mob front man proposes the question on what type of women each likes best, Fergenstein does a small Q&A with Riff Raff and everyone gets down an impromptu freestyle session over Rocky’s boom bap instrumental for “1 Train.”

VIDEO: A$AP Rocky & Riff Raff – Back & Forth | Pt. 1


A$AP Rocky links up with Riff Raff for part one of his interview on Noisey’s “Back & Forth” web series.  The two artists kick it on a tour bus while sharing a blunt and discussing a number of topics.  Watch the lighthearted and comical one-on-one as A$AP gets Jody High Roller to speak on who he is, his favorite type of women, his love for Actavis syrup, the creativity that goes into his hair and much more.  Riff Raff also gives insight behind his love for vibrant colors and proclaims himself simply as the Neon Icon.

VIDEO: A$AP Rocky On Noisey’s Back & Forth w/ Snoop Lion, Riff Raff, Kathy Griffin & Bun B | Teaser


A$AP Rocky and Noisey release a new trailer today which features quick snippets from Rocky’s “Back & Forth” conversations filmed with Snoop Lion, Riff Raff, Kathy Griffin and Bun B.  It looks like the A$AP Mob leader will be featured in the next four upcoming interviews for the web series.  Check out the teaser in full below.

Riff Raff Returns To Cable TV As An Artist, Talks Drake & Neon Icon + More on SKEE Live


Controversial and oddball rapper Riff Raff made his debut on television as an artist in episode five of AXS TV and DJ Skee’s new show SKEE Live.  Known for his eccentric behavior, the Houston, Texas artist unapologetically made himself comfortable as he laid out across DJ Skee’s cocaine white colored couch, propped his elbows up and opened himself up to a series of questions.

 Never one to disappoint, Riff’s over-the-top personality, down South accent and vibrant attire helped the rapper shine for the cameras when it was time to go live.  The special appearance also served as the rapper’s first time performing on the small-screen.  Decked out in a signature style cut off T-shirt, Tom Ford sunglasses, a chinchilla scarf, Jordan sneakers, board shorts and plenty of gaudy jewelry, Riff Raff stayed true to himself and never attempted to turn down his familiar theatrics in front of a television audience.

At one point in the interview, Riff decided to boast about his Versace inspired hair braids and decided to pass DJ Skee his fluffy chinchilla scarf to wear during live taping.  Always a good sport, the host also found himself eventually rocking Riff’s limited edition sunglasses while the rapper enthusiastically bragged about the missing tint on the bottom half of the lenses.  It was obvious Riff Raff was in a good mood and having fun as his attention at times drifted away from the topic at hand and his sidebar commentary occasionally detoured the conversation.

The rapper’s quirky yet charismatic manners continued as he admitted to having expensive spending habits and shared with audiences that he doesn’t believe in saving money.  In fact, Riff openly expressed his need for convenience and solitude after he joked about buying a private plane and a planet of his own if he could.  Interestingly enough, the former reality TV star also revealed that fans could potentially see his music crossover to an alternative genre in the future, as he continues to branch out and work with different artists.  Riff Raff also reassured viewers at home that he indeed has music he’s recorded with Drake but was vague on when any of it would actually surface.

After walking off set a bit prematurely, Riff made his way to L.A. Live’s Conga Room to close out the show with a live performance of “Raiders vs. Hawks” and his new hit “How To Be The Man” which boasts production from DJ Mustard.  Equipped with back flipping hype man and a confident demeanor, the colorful rapper brought his energy to the stage, exchanged daps and pounds with DJ Skee and thanked the crowd as he faded to black after a short return to television.

Written by: Luis Carrion

VIDEO: Riff Raff Buys Aston Martin From DJ Skee & Calls Out James Franco

Apparently the one known as Riff Raff recently made a visit over to the infamous Skee Lodge to purchase a brand new Aston.  SkeeTV cameras were in the mix as Riff Raff had some things he felt he needed to get off his chest and share with the world about Mr. Franco’s new film.  Peep the video above.

RiFF RAFF aka Jody HighRoller stops by the Skee Lodge to buy his New Aston Martin from DJ Skee. Jody also discusses his views on James Franco, Selena Gomez and the movie Spring Breakers. Follow RiFF RAFF @JODYHiGHROLLER