VIDEO: A$AP Rocky & Bun-B – Back & Forth


Noisey releases the newest episode of their “Back & Forth” series with A$AP Rocky and this time the Harlem native chops-it-up with Texas legend Bun B.  Watch as the the UGK rapper drops knowledge on the origins of the word “trill” beginning in prison, speaks on the influence of the South and UGK on music and shares how he feels to be so highly respected in the game.  Before the conclusion of part one, Bun also tells a story of almost getting into a big brawl with trained fighters because of Pimp C and to make matters worse his mother was in the room.

VIDEO: A$AP Rocky & Snoop Lion – Back & Forth

A$AP Rocky continues his collaborative interview series with Noisey and catches up next with Snoop Lion.  Watch as the two discuss a number of topics over a blunt which include the transition of groupies switching from prominently from women in the ’90s to nowadays males, balancing success and relationships.  In part two below, Rocky shares details behind how “F*ckin Problems” came together, the two artists praise Canadian rapper Drake, Snoop speaks on 2Pac and much more.

VIDEO: A$AP Rocky & Riff Raff – Back & Forth | Pt. 1


A$AP Rocky links up with Riff Raff for part one of his interview on Noisey’s “Back & Forth” web series.  The two artists kick it on a tour bus while sharing a blunt and discussing a number of topics.  Watch the lighthearted and comical one-on-one as A$AP gets Jody High Roller to speak on who he is, his favorite type of women, his love for Actavis syrup, the creativity that goes into his hair and much more.  Riff Raff also gives insight behind his love for vibrant colors and proclaims himself simply as the Neon Icon.

VIDEO: Just Blaze & Roofeeo – Back & Forth On Noisey


Just Blaze and Roofeeo are the latest duo to be featured in Noisey and Brisk Bodega’s interview web series entitled Back and Forth.  The producers swap stories on their dopest gigs with Roofeeo crediting his best performance to an X-Games party in Aspen while Just says his went down at Jay Z’s Fade To Black concert.  Roofeeo also speaks on church music being an earlier influence on him to pursue his music while Just closes things out with a funny dream that inspired him to buy a drum set.

VIDEO: Prodigy & Alchemist – Back & Forth On Noisey


Noisey showcases Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy and producer Alchemist for their latest episode in their web series entitled Back & Forth.  The duo kick back in a bodega and have a candid conversation among themselves while the cameras run and capture the moment.  Prodigy speaks on the first time he met Alchemist and how he believed the producer was working for the feds when he started coming around.  However, after making a beat and showing off his skills, the Queens MC knew ALC was for real and began regularly collaborating.  P also touches on his love for New York City and explains why he’ll never move.  Alchemist also says a lot of his earlier influences came out of New York and before heading out the duo share their experiences early on with life on the road.