VIDEO: Childish Gambino Talks “3005”, Relationships, Women + More


Childish Gambino drops by Power 106 for the “New@2 show” with DJ Felli Fel and Yesi Ortiz.  Gambino premieres his latest single, “3005,” for fans tuning in and shares his thoughts on the idea of being with one woman forever.  Ortiz and Felli also jump in on the conversation to share their two cents on romance and dating.  Check out Gambino as he addresses his new album, Because The Internet, Christmas and before leaving invites the radio duo to a night on the town.


VIDEO: Lupe Fiasco Speaks On His Love For Martial Arts


Lupe Fiasco sits down with DJ Felli Fel and opens up about his passion for martial arts.  The Chicago lyricist credits his father for instilling in him important values and discipline.  Fiasco explains the influence it’s had on his life and the ability it gives him to effectively defend himself when necessary.  The artist also reveals he’s not much a club-goer and doesn’t drink alcohol.

VIDEO: Joey Bada$$ – Now You Know Interview w/ Power 106


New York’s Joey Bada$$ sits down for a Q&A session on the latest episode of Power 106’s “Now You Know” web series.  Speaking candidly with the camera, Joey shares with viewers his top three favorite West Coast artists, favorite producer, favorite breakfast dish, celebrity crush, his first car and so much more.  The young wordsmith also gets into what his favorite city is to visit when he’s touring and what it took for him to really get his solo music career off the ground.

VIDEO: Joey Bada$$ Talks The West Coast, Golden Era Rap + More w/ DJ Reflex


Joey Bada$$ sits down for an exclusive interview with DJ Reflex over at Power 106.  The New York bred emcee speaks on his love for California and touches on the importance of traveling which has only helped to make his music better.  Joey also gets into details about his early hip hop inspirations and credits Method Man, Notorious B.I.G., MF Doom and Langston Hughes as his favorites.  Bada$$ also weighs in on the general consensus that his sound tends to embody a golden era vibe and explains to Reflex why to him it’s like a gift and a curse.

VIDEO: Chris Webby Talks Homegrown EP, ‘Chemically Imbalanced’ LP + More


Chris Webby sits down with the L.A. Leakers for an exclusive interview.  The Connecticut rapper kicks things off by sharing some of his early musical influences and favorite Hip Hop acts as a kid and breaks down the motivation behind his upcoming Homegrown EP.  In fact, Webby explains that the 8-track project is catered more towards potential new fans who aren’t entirely familiar with his music.  The rapper also reveals that his upcoming LP will be titled, Chemically Imbalanced, after the title track produced by Scott Storch.  Webby gets into details behind working with new producers like Harry Fraud, signing with E1 Music, the current state of Hip Hop and gives advice to aspiring artists.

VIDEO: Nipsey Hussle – Now You Know Interview w/ Power 106


Power 106 sits down with Nipsey Hussle off the air for the latest episode in their Q&A web series, “Now You Know.”  Nip lets his personality shine through the lens as he has fun with the interview and doesn’t take himself too seriously.  Take a look as the California rapper credits Tupac, Bob Marley and Marvin Gaye as being his top three favorite artists of all time, admits he feels like Timbaland is the greatest producer of all time and much more.  Before heading out, the rapper also addresses what his first car was, his childhood celebrity crush, worst job experience and favorite restaurant he enjoys eating at.

VIDEO: Sage The Gemini – Now You Know Interview w/ Power 106


Power 106 sits down with Sage The Gemini off the air for the latest episode in their Q&A web series called “Now You Know.”  Sage really lets his personality shine through the lens as he has fun with the interview and doesn’t take himself too seriously.  Take a look as the California rapper speaks on who his biggest influences are in the industry, Pharrell, his first car, his celebrity crush, his inspiration to produce and much more.  Sage also points out several times during the interview that he’s a big fan of Chris Brown and thinks highly of his debut album.