VIDEO: Kanye West & Jimmy Kimmel End Feud


Here’s a nice recap courtesy of FUSE on what went down last night as Kanye West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss his recent feud with Kimmel after the talk show host spoofed his BBC interview with Zane Lowe.  Ranting for close to seven minutes, West was allowed the freedom to tackle a number of topics which included his idea that he’s hit a glass ceiling as an entrepreneur, his relationship with reality star queen Kim Kardashian, being shunned by the fashion industry and much more.  Kanye also clarified that the only reason he was willing to smooth things out with Kimmel was because he knew the host personally as well as friends and family members of his.

VIDEO: Kanye West Says Rap Is The New Rock, He’s The Biggest Rock Star + More w/ Zane Lowe | Pt. 1


BBC and Zane Low release part one of their intimate interview with rap star Kanye West.  Watch as Yeezy shares his personal philosophy on life and pursuing goals, speaks on  the uniqueness that Yeezus and 808’s and Heartbreaks share and argues that My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy could be considered a perfect album.  Kanye also shares the inspiration behind his desire to create music organically and against the common formats practiced throughout the music industry.  Before the conclusion of the part one, the G.O.O.D. Music leader discusses Rick Rubin, explains that Yeezus is what frustration sounds like and aggressively tells Lowe that Rap is the new Rock before claiming he’s the biggest of them all.  

VIDEO: Kanye West – Where The Lonely Kids Go When The Bell Rings | Fan Made Documentary

This is a dope 45 minute fan made documentary composed of different footage a lot of fans may have already seen but also has some cool unseen visuals too.  Take a look at this well put together project on one of the greatest hip hop artists to ever do it.  It’s all in the editing and this individual made it happen with interview pieces, old mobile video, audio snippets and more.  Not going to lie, I miss the old days when Kanye first came out.  I still can remember the first time I heard his music and saw his “Through The Wire” video on BET.  Kanye was the first artist I ever had an itching to go see live and I’m glad I caught his act before he massively blew up right when The College Dropout released.