VIDEO: Method Man Calls Out Macklemore Over ‘Crowd Walking’

Method Man recently during a 4/20 show in Denver took the opportunity to address the crowd and clarify that “he started that shit” when it came to crowd walking.  Now I don’t completely agree with that statement because there have been plenty of acts in different genres that have come years before Method Man.  However, when it comes to Hip Hop I can’t remember the last time I saw someone do crazy antics like that in the crowd but Method Man and Redman has done his share of questionable things.  Still, I do agree that Method Man was doing crowd walking far before Macklemore probably even picked up a microphone.  Check out this clip where Method Man explained while on stage and proceeded to do his business.

We thought you guys might get a kick out of this. Method Man lets Macklemore know what’s up when it comes to crowd walking. This took place at the 420 Method Man / Redman concert sponsored by WeedMaps, The Clinic, and Homegrown Outfitters at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom in Denver, Colorado 4/20/13.

VIDEO: Chris Brown – Fine China

Why does the Asian man have to be from the Triads though? What is this Rush Hour?  Check out Chris’ new music video for his single “Fine China” which will be featured on his upcoming album X.

Here’s an alternate version of the music video with Chris just dancing by himself in an empty warehouse.

VIDEO: Kendrick Lamar Live From Santa Ana’s The Observatory on New Years Eve Pt. 2

Part two of Kendrick Lamar’s set on New Years Eve.

Filmed by Collective State TV for