VIDEO: Casey Veggies Says He Wouldn’t Collab w/ an Openly Gay Rapper + More


Casey Veggies links up with DJ Vlad for an exclusive interview on Vlad TV.  The young rapper give viewers perspective on his friendship with Frank Ocean and admits he wasn’t surprised when the singer announced to the world he was gay.  Veggies also clarified he respects Ocean’s decision and reassures viewers the two artists have unfinished songs together that he hopes to release one day.  Frank Ocean and Chris Brown’s infamous beef serves as the topic of dicussion as Young Veggies does the politically correct thing and plays the neutral role.  Before calling it a wrap, Veggies admits to the camera that he most likely would have to pass on a collaboration with an openly gay emcee if the opportunity ever presented itself.

VIDEO: R.A. The Rugged Man Talks Homosexuality In Hip Hop, Macklemore & Frank Ocean


R.A. The Rugged Man sits down for an open and honest interview with DJ Vlad and the hot topic of discussion is Hip Hop and homosexuality.  In fact, Rugged Man shares his belief that artists like Macklemore and Frank Ocean are strategically pushing a gay agenda to fans in order to promote their music and subsequently further their careers by pigging backing on the issue.  However, the rapper does clarify he believes the controversial topic of homosexuality is big right now in the world as politicians are using the same tactic in order to pull in votes based on the popularity of the movement.  R.A. goes on to admit that he’s not the biggest fan of Macklemore and co-signs Lord Jamar’s recent comments about gay’s having no place in Hip Hop, says there’s a plot to feminize Hip Hop by the powers that be and much more.

VIDEO: Jay-Z – Oceans Feat. Frank Ocean | Samsung Preview

Samsung and Jay-Z released another promotional video today for his upcoming “Oceans” collaboration with singer Frank Ocean.  The official lyrics were unlocked today for Samsung mobile users via an application along with the exclusive footage below.  The commercial shows Jigga man in the studio with Timbaland, Pharrell, and Rick Rubin discussing the creative direction for “Oceans” and its underlying meaning.