VIDEO: Diddy & Ma$e Reunite At OVO Fest After 9 Years


OVO Fest 2013 certainly will go down as one of the year’s best shows for all of its classic moments and roster of artists who came out to perform.  One special moment was caught by Revolt TV cameras as Diddy reunited with his old partner in crime Ma$e.  Check out the footage below to see the duo surprise fans in Toronto and perform classics like “Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems” and “Feel So Good.”

VIDEO: Pusha T Speaks Out On Kanye’s Performance at OVO Fest w/ Drake


Revolt TV catches up with G.O.O.D. Music signee Pusha T to get his thoughts on Kanye coming out at OVO Fest and subsequently performing alongside Drake.  It’s no secret that Drake and Pusha T are not exactly on the same page have and in the past have thrown a few jabs at one another.  In the short clip below, Pusha states that Kanye “seemed happy” being out there with Drake and condescending tone follows up his earlier comments with “I mean it’s all good…hopefully it’s good for music…I mean maybe they’ll like do some great music together.”  Though Pusha T states otherwise, it would appear that the drama between him and Drake is still relevant or perhaps the truth is that the situation just remains unresolved.  You be the judge and let us know what you think in the comment section below.