VIDEO: Nas Talks Turning 40, Hip Hop Losing Its “Realness” + More On NBC’s Talk Stoop


Nas links up for his 40th birthday with Cat Greenleaf for NBC’s Talk Stoop.  The rap veteran kicks things off with reflecting on the early days of Hip Hop and explaining why today’s culture he feels is lacking integrity.  Nas went on to elaborate that he feels Hip Hop nowadays has ultimately lost its “realness” and addresses his different personalities on and off stage.  Watch as the Queensbridge legend also encouraged Greenleaf to take the honest route after she asked for advice on how to approach her adopted black children about the use of the n-word.

VIDEO: Eminem SNL Promo w/ Kerry Washington


Here’s a short new promo clip courtesy of NBC which features Eminem and Kerry Washington.  Eminem will serve as the sketch comedy shows musical guest this Saturday while Washington will do the honors of hosting the latest episode.  Watch as Marshall decides to keep a straight face, refrain from really moving at all and does little to engage the camera.  Meanwhile, Washington showcases her bubbly and outgoing attitude as she playfully announces plans for her and Eminem to grab some cupcakes following the show’s taping.