VIDEO: Jin Talks Religion, The Existence of God, Porn Addiction + More


Vlad TV liberates another part of their exclusive interview with rapper Jin.  Take a look as the conversation gets deep when Jin decides to open up on his beliefs concerning religion, faith, and porn addiction   The lyricist confidently expresses himself and shares how his new found outlook on life as helped him to make positive changes and be aware of his previous sinful behavior.  Watch as Jin ponders on the question that if God exists because of faith or because he’s always been there, explains why his faith influences his music nowadays, compares music videos to porn and so much more.

VIDEO: Jin Talks Battling Up The Ranks, Mastering His Craft, Asian Jokes + More


Vlad TV releases more footage of their exclusive interview with rapper Jin.  The savvy lyricist breaks down his roots in battling which he says began in junior high and shares details on his first battle which he admits he lost as a kid.  Jin went on to explain how he eventually learned the dynamics of his craft as well as the culture of hip hop which ultimately helped mold him into a lyrical force to be reckoned with.  The rapper spoke on moving to New York in 2001 and landing a manager who would eventually get him a spot on BET’s Freestyle Friday’s.  As the conversation continued, Jin touched on the number of Asian jokes he would commonly encounter during battles and shared how he would prepare for them in advance with responses.

VIDEO: Jin On Working In The Studio w/ Wyclef, Kanye West & Just Blaze + More


Infamous battle rapper and artist Jin catches up with Vlad TV for an exclusive interview.  Speaking on his early success with the Ruff Ryders and “Learn Chinese,” Jin opens up about his experience with being a young artist who had so much potential to achieve great things in themusic industry.  The wordsmith touches on his Asian roots and admits that he was guilty of feeding into some of the stereotype themes that he was confronted with following being signed.  However, the seasoned vet clarifies he takes full responsibility of his own actions but points out different media outlets as examples that he feels also contributed to the problem.  Before heading out, the former Ruff Ryder artist shares with viewers his experience of working in the studio with super producers like Wyclef, Kanye West and Just Blaze.  Listen as Jin looks back and shares his disappointment with not being more involved, eager to network and leave a lasting impression.