AUDIO: Speakin’ Real Podcast: Episode 3


In episode 3, LuRocK discusses covering a recent Freddie Gibbs performance, Immortal Technique’s run-in with a bootlegger, ASAP Ferg being sued for crowd diving, WrestleMania 31, Jay-Z’s new digital streaming service Tidal and much more.

VIDEO: Immortal Technique Explains Why He Retired From Battle Rapping


Revolutionary rapper Immortal Technique sits down with Vlad TV to give his thoughts on the evolution of battle rapping and explains why he decided to retire from participating in any future lyrical slug fests.  Tech also addresses the potential that rappers nowadays have to reach fans overseas by battling and shares a story of a lesson he had to learn the hard way.

HD VIDEO: Immortal Technique – “Dance With The Devil” Live At Rock The Bells 2013


Immortal Technique takes the stage in San Bernardino for Rock The Bells 2013. ¬†After going down memory lane and performing a number of older songs, Immortal decided to visit Revolutionary Vol. 1 and jumped into his classic cut “Dance With The Devil.”

VIDEO: Immortal Technique Kicks Knowledge On The N-Word

Famed rapper and urban activist Immortal Technique shares his thoughts on different races saying the n-word, telling a story about when he had to school his cellmate after he blurted out the controversial word. Immortal Technique also explains why you can’t force someone not to say the n-word, you can only educate them.

VIDEO: Immortal Technique Talks Hip Hop, Twitter, Police, Obama + More

Backstage at Paid Dues we caught up with Immortal Technique. In this interview Immortal talks to Nick Huff Barili about early Hip Hop memories, being locked up in prison, Monsanto lobbying Obama, interactions with fans on twitter and the work he is doing with The Green Light Project. Oh yeah and his new album Middle Passage is coming!

“That’s a disgrace. It should be a human rights abuse,” said Technique when asked about the Act. “It should be banned. They really want to control the food industry in general. And I think what’s disgusting about them is that — Listen, we know Monsanto and their parent companies have given the Obama administration money.” Immortal Tech on the Monsanto Protection Act.

Immortal Technique further spoke on the Obama administration and revealed that the people should not be so easily swayed due to what President Obama symbolizes.

“I understand and I know the type of commitment that certain individuals have to the Obama administration. They think that under a Republican administration they would have never gotten any acknowledgement on gay rights,” Technique explained. “I know that there are people that are 40, 50, 60, and they black and they grew up in a completely different America. They couldn’t even picture a black president… We live in a slightly different America in a lot of places, but I know that people support him because he symbolizes that for them. But I remind people that the only reason he signed that Monsanto shit is not out of the kindness of his heart, but because they lobbied him and gave him money…And that takes away from the credibility of this country and that’s damaging to America.”

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HD VIDEO: Immortal Technique Performs “Dance With The Devil” at Paid Dues 2013

Immortal decided to bless the fans with a full performance of his hit song “Dance With The Devil” at Paid Dues Festival 2013. The hard hitting and infectious song is featured on Immortal’s Revolutionary Vol. 1. Take a look as this special moment went down.

Filmed by Collective State TV for ItsTheDaily

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