VIDEO: Big Sean – “Beware” & “Fire” On ‘The Arsenio Hall Show’

Big Sean took the stage on the latest episode of the The Arsenio Hall Show and treated the crowd to a performance of his singles “Beware” and “Fire” featured on his new Hall of Fame LP.  Watch as Sean performs “Fire” below for the viewers at home while also treating the in-studio crowd to “Beware.”

VIDEO: Big Sean Speaks On Casting Miley Cyrus For “Fire” & Her Twerk Game


DJ Vlad caught up with G.O.O.D. Music’s Big Sean and discussed his motivation behind casting Miley Cyrus as the main lead in his recent music video for “Fire.”  Cyrus serves as the focal point for the visual and finds the singer apparently embodying the strength or fire necessary to overcome adversities. Check out Big Sean gives his thoughts on the video and Miley Cyrus’ twerk skills.

VIDEO: Big Sean – Fire | In-Studio Performance


Big Sean takes his act over to Sirius XM’s Hip Hop Nation and does an in-studio performance for his new single “Fire” off his upcoming Hall of Fame LP.  Watch as the G.O.O.D. Music artist does his thing live on-the-air for listeners and puts on a decent show for the staff at the satellite radio station.

VIDEO: Big Sean – Fire


Big Sean releases the visual treatment for his latest single “Fire” off his upcoming Hall Of Fame LP dropping August 27.  Miley Cyrus steps in as the center of the music video as symbolic images of roses and fire surround her.  Cyrus’ role is meant to depict a strong woman who copes with the ups and downs of life and remains true to herself at the end of it all.

AUDIO: Big Sean – Fire (Prod. By DJ Camper)


Big Sean links up with Samsung to finally unveil his newest track “Fire” in its entirety from his upcoming Hall Of Fame LP.  Produced by DJ Camper, it was only a few months ago when the G.O.O.D. Music artist treated fans in London to the song during his set at the Yahoo! Wireless Festival.  Though Sean was only generous enough to preview the song’s hook and first verse, it was definitely enough to intrigue fans everywhere to want to hear it in full.  Driven by a dominant “fire” vocal sample and slapping drums, Big Sean’s latest offering finds the Detroit native dropping introspective and humble bars with intentions of inspiring and motivating listeners to find and use their “fire” to make their dreams a reality.  Sean’s sophomore effort with Hall Of Fame is set to release on August 27.

VIDEO: Big Sean Debuts “Fire” In London


While out in London for the Yahoo! Wireless Festival, Big Sean decided to treat the crowd to a special performance and debuted a new track titled “Fire”.  Though only giving up the first verse and the song’s hook, Sean delivers an exciting performance over the track’s pounding drums and catchy sample which repeats the phrase “fire”.  No word if this will make the final cut onto the G.O.O.D. Music artist’s upcoming, Hall of Fame, album which is set to release on August 27.

NEWS: Christopher Jordan Dorner Confirmed Dead

In something straight out of a movie,  Christopher Dorner met his end at the hands of San Bernardino Sheriffs and U.S. Marshall’s in Big Bear.  The manhunt lead police to a remote cabin on the mountain where Dorner took refuge after eluding Fish and Wildlife officers after a gun fight.  Tear gas was fired into the cabin and its unclear at this point if this is what caused the cabin to become engulfed in flames.  However, San Bernardino police did confirm the tear gas used is known for being highly flammable.  Still, police deny intentionally setting the cabin on fire.  Earlier reports indicated that Dorner attempted to exit out the back of the cabin during his last stand but was aggressively pushed back into the home.  As Sheriff’s and SWAT members approached the cabin it was reported a single shot was heard and it is now been confirmed the charred remains recovered on site is what’s left of Christopher Dorner.  Click here to get the full run down from the good folks over at the Huffington Post.


UPDATE 2/13/13: KCAL 9 News aired footage yesterday with audio of the gun fight as it was happening.  An interesting fact to point out is the Big Bear police radio feed was disconnected yesterday from people looking to hit the internet and listen in.  However, here are two videos with clear enough audio that you can hear officers yelling to burn the cabin they believed Christopher Dorner was held up in.  Take a listen before the videos mysteriously disappear most likely soon.  “Burn it down, get the gas!”