VIDEO: Singer Mali Nicole Talks “X Factor,” Breaking Out As A Solo Artist + More w/ DJ Skee


Young and rising star Mali Nicole sits down for an interview and shares her story live on-the-air with DJ Skee. The 16-year-old singer, dancer and Watts native opens things up by recalling the first time she ever met Skee at a very young age through a mutual friend. DJ Skee admits to listeners he always knew Nicole had potential to be big and a successful artist. Mali also gives insight behind how she became connected with Stampede Management as solo artist following the disbandment of her former group after coming up short on the television show X Factor. Nicole also breaks down her humble beginnings and explains she’s simply working hard to purse her dreams. Fans of Mali Nicole can look forward to the singer’s upcoming Confessions of A Teenager EP which is slated to release later this year and features her new debut single “Sunday Afternoon.”

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