AUDIO: Mister Cee Comes Out The Closet, Talks Resigning From Radio & Returns To HOT 97


New York DJ Mister Cee had a heartfelt conversation this morning with Ebro on HOT 97.  Cee was given the platform to voice his opinion on his situation and had the courage to go on-air and admit to listeners that he’s had homosexual encounters with drag queens.  Though not easily coming clean at first, Cee eventually opened up about his problems as fellow HOT 97 co-worker Ebro helped him through it.  There were a few moments where Cee broke down and began crying on the air, however, at one point even Funk Master Flex who at one point made his way into the room showered Cee with support and reassured him that everything would be fine.  As the conversation continued, Ebro made it a point to continuously encourage Mister Cee to reconsider his decision to resign and eventually convinced him to make his return today.

Below is Mister Cee’s comeback “Back On The Block Mix.”


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