VIDEO: Lil Wayne puts on a show at legal deposition

The clip below is video footage taken of Lil Wayne at a deposition last June.  He’s currently suing Quincy Jones III over using his music in the now infamous The Carter Documentary documentary.

I personally liked it and thought it appeared to be an honest representation of who Lil Wayne is.  There has never been nor will we probably ever see again a video piece like this again of Wayne hit the media.  It wasn’t a surprise that before the documentary even dropped Wayne’s camp was trying to stop the distribution of it. What you see in the video below is the legal process in motion and a mandatory legal meeting Wayne needed to attend.

Make no mistake, this isn’t typical behavior that you would see take place at such a meeting.  Wayne is seen being very rebellious, rude, sarcastic and disrespectful to an attorney and in the presence of a judge.