VIDEO: T.I. Talks West Coast Hip Hop, Being An Executive, Problem + More w/ DJ Skee


T.I. sits down with DJ Skee and shares details on his current passion for developing new talent like Trae The Truth, Iggy Azalea, Mars and more.  In fact, T.I. takes the opportunity to speak highly of rapper Problem and shares his business aspirations for bringing the California native’s Diamond Lane imprint over to Hustle Gang.  The reality TV star touched on the evolution of West Coast Hip Hop and explained why at this stage in his career he’s chosen to embrace a more executive role in music.

VIDEO: Mars (of 1500 Or Nothin’) Talks New Mixtape, Upcoming Album + More w/ DJ Skee


DJ Skee sits down for a candid interview with 1500 or Nothin member Mars.  The producer and talented musician speaks on his transition as an artist and touches on what fans can expect to hear on his new My Guy Mars mixtape.  Describing his latest project as a roller coaster of different sounds and vibes, Mars reassures listeners he’s serving up more than just cliche West Coast Gangsta Rap.  In fact, DJ Skee also gets the multi-talented artist to give up a few details on his upcoming album which is still in the early stages of development.  Before heading out, Mars explains why he’s currently focused on building his brand and shares a funny story of hurting his knee after deciding to randomly jump off stage while performing alongside T.I. after being overcome by the energy of the music.