VIDEO: 2 Chainz & Chef Aleem – ‘Meal Time Cookbook’


2 Chainz and Chef Aleem drop a new visual to give fans some background information on what exactly inspired the rapper’s upcoming collaborative cookbook with his personal chef.  Take a look as Chef Aleem shares some insightful commentary on what motivates him to cook, some of his personal preferences in the kitchen and his sense of style that separates him from what you would expect a chef to wear.  Aleem also speaks on some of the difficulties he encounters while attempting to put together meals for the rapper while out on the road touring.  Check out Chef Aleem explain how Instagram inspired 2 Chainz to put together his new Meal Time Cookbook which includes 26 pages of different on-the-go recipes.

VIDEO: 2Pac vs Biggie: 15 years later w/ Award Winning Journalist Jeff Weiss

Journalist Jeff Weiss discusses with DJ Skee the late great rappers 2Pac and Biggie. In his new book, 2Pac vs Biggie: Rap’s Greatest Battle, the author provides an interesting outlook on both artists from a standpoint of 15 years later following their untimely deaths.

More importantly, Weiss tackles what they mean to the hip hop culture, the importance of their music and their overall impact which keeps both rap artists relevant to this day. DJ Skee and Jeff Weiss also address the past rumor of potential tension that may have been brewing between 2Pac and Will Smith, Pac’s potential in acting, and the invisible line that was crossed in his beef with Biggie and the avoidable dangers it demonstrated to the entire industry.

– Luie Carrion

ARTWORK: Prodigy – H.N.I.C. | Book Cover


Prodigy tweeted this earlier today.  His new book will be available July 16.  If you haven’t check out P’s last work of literature, My Infamous Life, I suggest you look into that.  It was pretty good and I liked the way Mr. Albert Johnson told his own personal story.  You may even be able to find the audio tape’s somewhere on the internet to listen to if you look hard enough.


My new book “H.N.I.C. (an infamous novel)” drops July 16th. Followed by the movie to the book.