VIDEO: Full Clip Friday w/ Evan Hernandez

This one’s for all my skate heads and Baker skateboards enthusiasts out there. Hernandez was one of the original team riders for Baker as an amateur and by the time he made his exit from skateboarding he had already reached pro status.  It’s well known that Hernandez is great friends with professional skateboarder, Terry Kennedy, and over the past few months the two have been spotted at Brandon Biebel’s skate park, P-Rod’s stomping grounds and out in the streets staking clips.  Well, today fans can rejoice as a new “Full Clip Friday” featuring Hernandez has surfaced and showcases three minutes of brand new material.  Take a look as Hernandez goes to work and makes it all look so easy like he never left.  Let’s hope he’s here to stick around for good because it’s safe to say the fans definitely missed all the fancy footwork.

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