VIDEO: Tupac Shakur On Life & Death + More


Take a look at this dope animated clip that was put together by the PBS Blog Blank on Blank.  Back in March of 1994, Tupac Shakur had a one-on-one interview with Benjamin Svetkey and thankfully the conversation was recorded.  Blank on Blank was kind of enough to accompany it with a simple and unique cartoon for our viewing pleasure.  Things open up with Pac casually ordering a vegetable spring roll and crab cakes before sharing his thoughts on his future and death.  In familiar Pac fashion, the deceased legend speaks on where he thinks his life will be in a decade, admits he’s not a very religious person, touches on why he believes he was chosen by God to spread his Thug Life philosophy and much more.  Tupac also addresses what it was like growing up in a single parent household and his disgust for the media.  Interestingly enough, Tupac can be heard expressing his disappointment with former Vice President, Dan Quayle’s, suggestion for stores to boycott his album.

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