VIDEO: Fly Panda – Face Drop


Pop group Fly Panda releases a new lengthy music video that also serves as a short film for their infectious song “Face Drop.”  Watch as Fly Panda engages the concept of money being the root of all evil and the power it has to come between friendships in their latest visual.  The cinematic approach does a nice job of complimenting the uptempo song as viewers are treated to some trippy looking scenes and the planting of a fully functional money tree which changes the lives of everyone.  However, happiness doesn’t last very long as the Panda in the bunch decides to selfishly dig up the tree, live a rich solo life and abandon the group.  As the music video progresses, the group eventually finds the Panda, chains it up and walks it into the woods to permanently dispose of it because of its betrayal.  Still, things don’t end quite there as viewers are treated to a nice spin at the end.

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