VIDEO: Nas Says He Wasn’t Offended By Kendrick Lamar’s “King Of New York” Line + More


Miss Info catches up with New York’s Nas at an industry event hosted by Hennesy and gets the Queens native’s thoughts on the mixing of art and music and Hip Hop’s current fascination with upscale pieces.  Nas kicks some knowledge and lets fans know the two worlds have always been synonymous with one another and that the people in the streets personify and embody the lifestyle.  Moving forward, Miss Info gets the opportunity to get Nas’ take on Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse.  The Queensbridge MC plays it cool and almost brushes off the question by simply replying, “wow.”  Nas makes it clear he’s happy about where Hip Hop is right now and also clarifies he was not offended by Kendrick’s “King Of New York” line.

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