VIDEO: Juicy J Brings Out Wiz Khalifa For “The Plan” In Hollywood

I can’t even lie.  Seeing just how hyped the venue was and how great of a show Juicy put on for the crowd has me a little salty I wasn’t able to attend and cover the event.  Originally, I was suppose to be delivering to all of you some exclusive content for the site, however, I got jammed up at the door by House of Blues employees and security.  I was told though I had access to the show, I wouldn’t be allowed to shoot any video due to “venue policy”.  In the clip above, that’s clearly a video camera on stage filming Juicy and the epic moment that took place with Wiz Khalifa hitting the stage to perform “The Plan” off his O.N.I.F.C. album.  Perhaps I was not worthy enough to professionally cover the event for unknown reasons?  Whatever.

Still, check out some cool visuals of Juicy J closing out his Stay Trippy tour and performing “The Plan” with Wiz live in Hollywood.  There is also a cameo from Big Sean who apparently was in attendance along with the likes of Miley Cyrus and others.  Take a look at some backstage footage of the gang blowing smoke and celebrating another successful sold out show to cap things off with.

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