AUDIO: Drake Disses Chris Brown, Talks Rihanna + Much More on EVR Radio

drakeDrake recently had a thorough sit down with Elliot Wilson on his East Village Radio show and discusses a number of topics.  One important one which has the internet going nuts and the fans talking has to be his comments in regards to Chris Brown and Rihanna.  Drake decided to keep it real and promote the idea that he is more popular and in fact makes better music than Breezy.  The former Degrassi star also took aim at Chris when Draked made the comment that Rihanna “fell into his lap”.  Drizzy also discusses two new records that are in the works and that will be dropping next week; one being “No New Friends”.  Take a listen to the stream below to hear Drake also talk about his thoughts on the Weeknd, Pusha T and more.

Here’s a quick clip if you want to hear the Chris Brown and Rihanna comments

Full Interview below:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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