VIDEO: Project Pat Interview w/ FADER

Project Pat is a hulking mass of a dude, who in person doesn’t look to have aged very much since he broke the scene in the late 90′s with “Ballers”.  According to him, the secret of his youthful appearance is a very basic and oft-overlooked essential of tour life called self-restraint. This seems unlikely if not veritably un-possible when your brother and tour mate is king of the turn-up, Juicy J, but Pat has managed to stick around this long and make more great music while he’s done it. Sitting down with us after his recent NYC show, he gave us some insight into the two projects he has coming (one of which is the highly anticipated Mista Don’t Play 2), what he does in the rare instances that he gets back to Memphis and how his ultimate goal is just to please the people.


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