AUDIO: The Mad Rapper – “Control” Freestyle| Kendrick Lamar Response


The Mad Rapper drops off a decent Kendrick Lamar response with a “Control” freestyle of his own.  The new freestyle showcases D-Dot’s ability to be direct and to the point but at the same time keeping it lighthearted and funny.  It was to be expected that everyone was going to throw some shit out there just to see if it sticks but why not right? Looks like The Mad Rapper still has it.

AUDIO: Cassidy – Control Freestyle | Kendrick Lamar Response


Cassidy jacks the instrumental to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” and decides to try his hand at an standout response.  The Philly native has always been synonymous with lyrical wordplay so you better believe Cas is dropping a few gems here and there.  As the “Control” responses continue to flood in well try and keep you up-to-date with the one’s actually worth your time.  Let’s just say the flood gates have been opened and every artist I’m sure is looking to capitalize on an extra 15 minutes.